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In the year of 2015, ADRA hosted Emergency Response Training (ERT) and Simulation Exercise (SIMEX) program. It was attended by 21 participants from ADRA in Asia and Pacific, such as Myanmar, the Philippines, Nepal, Srilanka, New Zealand, Vanuatu, India, Samoa, Bangladesh, Australia and Indonesia. Local government and other NGOs also attended. ERT-SIMEX took place in two cities. 2-6 November in Jakarta and 8-10 in Karawang.


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The Simulation Exercise took place in Karawang, as ADRA Indonesia has established its BAMBOO (Building Adaptation and Mitigation Measures for Boosting Coastal Livelihoods Resilience) project there since 2013. ERT-SIMEX program, aims to promote disaster risk management, build resilience among people against disaster, and train as well as prepare people on facing disaster.

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ADRA Indonesia is so honored to be a host for such program. ADRA Indonesia hopes to build its trained volunteers base throughout Indonesia and train the people, so that the people of Indonesia are resilient and prepared at the time of disaster and are able to at least minimize disaster risks.

Jakarta & Karawang, 2015  |   info[at]