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The toughest places demand the boldest ideas and solutions. That’s why ADRA Indonesia partners with creative thinkers from the private and public sectors to develop social innovations that transform lives. New technology, business models and creative partnerships provide transformational opportunities for overcoming poverty and despair. We leverage our robust global program platform to identify breakthrough ideas, test them in the field, and scale them broadly.



Solution for Indonesia’s struggling communities is the integrated microeconomy-based development (SED) through women empowerment initiatives. SED receives strong government support and funding through formation of sustainable cooperatives.



For over 30 years focusing on mother, newborn and child health (MNCH) and nutrition, ADRA works locally in the indigenous areas to promote Integrated Health Services Post (Posyandu) Revitalization program as part of community-based and government-supported national initiative to improve MNCH and decrease maternal and infant mortality rates (MIMRs). The approach is to improve skills of front-line community health cadres through organizing association and individual empowerment. Positive deviance method is used by cadres to help mothers and care-givers of children under five to address and improve family health conditions, including malnutrition, and also train community facilitators with appreciative inquiry skills to liaise with village government and traditional community leaders to support Posyandu Revitalization through local policy making, budgeting and other means.



The goal is to increase the capacity of local communities to organize themselves for preparedness and risk reduction iniatives with the natural challenges and disaster hazards by facilitating them in the establishment of disaster risk reduction organization (OPRB) and legalized by the village bylaws as part of ADRA Indonesia's National Disaster Preparedness and Response Planning (NEPRP) program.



Recently, a local wisdom-driven community mitigation to the climate changes specifically in coastal areas has been supported for its coastal management initiative using traditional method of bamboo groynes to harvest sand and reclaim eroded shoreline.



Our scope of works include development programs along with timely disaster reliefs.



ADRA Indonesia takes steps, like providing clean water and basic health education, to change communities ridden with disease to healthy communities with fewer children dieing from preventable causes. ADRA provides health services to communities by training health providers and health volunteers, educating people about HIV / AIDS / STI, and constructing health centers.

Primary health programs implemented by ADRA Indonesia include:

Potable Water
Mother and Child Health
Home Gardens
Medical / Nutrition Education
HIV / AIDS / STI Education
Basic Education



Financial resources are often inaccessible to a large portion of the population in developing countries, particularly women and the rural poor. Recognizing the need for financial services in the developing world, ADRA Indonesia implements economic development programs that promote community banking, provide opportunities for entrepreneurship and stimulate the regional economy.

ADRA Indonesia’s work within the sector of economic development includes:

Small Enterprise Development
Income Generation
Non-traditional Agriculture
Basic Education
Micro-enterprise Lending
Vocational Training
Environment Conservation



ADRA responds to disasters with food, water, shelter, clothing, and hygiene kits. In addition to an immediate response, ADRA often stays in ravaged communities to help rebuild. This may include reconstruction programs, installing new and improved water sources, or rebuilding schools.

ADRA Indonesia’s disaster preparedness and response interventions include:

Food Assistance
Emergency Medical Care
Temporary Shelters and Schools
Clean Water Systems
Mattresses, Blankets and Hygiene Kits



Because education gives people the power to break the cycle of poverty, it is an integral component of ADRA Indonesia’s projects. ADRA uses primary education to change the lives of children. In addition, while women are taught to read and write, they may also learn about basic health practices and small business skills.

ADRA Indonesia’s commitment to basic education includes initiatives in:

Adult Education
Primary and Secondary Education
Basic Literacy and Numeracy
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