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ADRA Indonesia

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Indonesia is an Agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The basis for its existence, its reason for being, is to show God’s love and example by living for, helping and working with, those in need in community development and disaster relief.

ADRA Indonesia is the Agency that the Church has chosen as a primary tool in the work of trying to address social distortions and deprivation. ADRA Indonesia can be viewed as the Church's desire to improve the situation for those in need. ADRA Indonesia's relationship to the Church is central to the mission of both.

ADRA Indonesia has received support from governments, private individuals, churches, other organizations within and outside Indonesia, but mainly from donor and supporting ADRA offices from around the world. This generous support has allowed ADRA Indonesia to respond timely to natural disaster, individual and in community development activities.

ADRA Indonesia’s constituents are defined through its primary relationships including the church, donors, communities and other development partners.


Through a variety of projects, ADRA Indonesia supports the dignity that is inherent in each person. We are committed to improving the quality of human life by “changing Indonesia one life at a time”, ADRA helps all people in need, most especially those most vulnerable such as woman, children, and senior citizens. ADRA serves all people without regard to their ethnicity, political affiliation or religious association.

As a development organization, over the years ADRA Indonesia has developed institutional capacity to implement development and relief programs. The organization structure is composed of the Board, Advisory Committee, Office of the Country Director, Programs Department, Finance Department, Logistics, Human Resource, and supporting posts. Furthermore, the organization has a standardized accounting system which matches with the internationally acceptable accounting principles. Effective monitoring is conducted for all the projects that are implemented by the organization through monthly Programs Committee meeting, field supervisions and regular field visits. Reviews and evaluations are also conducted at scheduled intervals.

The organization hires technical and competent staff to implement programs. The cross section of professionals employed by the organization includes emergency specialists, development, social and communication experts and practitioners, educationists and trainers, accountants and auditors, public health specialists, medical personnel, IT engineers and administrators among others. This blend of professional allows a synergy of technical ideas while implementing project activities.  |   info[at]