Dirk and Hanneke Van Ouwerkerk FUND – Perpetual Gift of Love

One of the national strategy made by ADRA Indonesia is to run a Cooperative Revitalization program which will bring up the promising ideology of cooperative movement as a national economic growth pillar. There are three approaches that are highly regarded as consensus among cooperative practitioners: regulation reform as a foundation, cooperative education which answer the […]


Commited to End Malnutrition: Gorontalo Revitalizes 61 Posyandu

Positive Deviance Inquiry for the Right Child Nutrition REGENCY’S RESOLUTION TO successfully eradicate malnutrition and effectively improve the nutritional status of all under-five children within Gorontalo Regency as to achieve the MDG’s target in 2015 was reemphasized by Regent David Bobihoe Akib while opening the Stakeholders Meeting of ADRA Indonesia’s INSTINCT Project Regency Government officials […]


Tools for Women’s Empowerment in Slums (TOWERS) – West Jakarta

Background ADRA Indonesia fostered 6 Women Cooperatives in the slums of Jakarta in 10 years of service, in which “Tunas Wanita Abadi” cooperative of Cengkareng, West Jakarta, has achieved substantial capacity, receiving “Best Cooperative Award in Jakarta” from Jakarta Governor in 2012. They are working professionally in dignified positivism although officed in a humble nook […]


Rising Up to Reduce Disaster RISKS

Background Six years ago (July 17, 2006), Pangandaran village and some southern coastal regions in Java were hit by the unpredicted tsunami. Some NGOs have been working at the regency level yet Pangandaran people do not have a clear understanding and plan for emergency evacuation. Many were lost, including school children, without initial warning and […]