Drinking water for flood disaster evacuees

“My Small Fund Became a Great Assistance for the Flood Evacuees in Bidara Cina and Kampung Melayu” Jakarta was hit by the flash flood from upstream, Bogor, on Monday, February 5, 2018. Floods that inundate riverbanks around the regions in Jakarta such as Srengseng Sawah, Rawajati, Kalibata, Pengadegan, Pejaten Timur, Kebon Baru, Bukit Duri, Balekambang, […]


Noraliv’s Story

Ms. Noraliv is an elementary teacher for English subject. She is friendly and cheerful that the kids like her so much. Students are motivated by her attitude and style of teaching. She lives with her aunt and uncle with their son in a small and simple house in Bekasi, West Java. She used to be […]


ADRA Indonesia PSD Meeting

Programmatic Strategy Development meeting was held on 24-26 February 2016 in ADRA Indonesia country office in Jakarta In the first day, current ADRA Indonesia projects was presented by each of ADRA Indonesia Programme Manager. Current government policies, strategies and priorities for development, emergency response, DRR/CCA was also presented. Mrs.Vierna and Mrs.Caroline were present with us […]



In the year of 2015, ADRA hosted Emergency Response Training (ERT) and Simulation Exercise (SIMEX) program. It was attended by 21 participants from ADRA in Asia and Pacific, such as Myanmar, the Philippines, Nepal, Srilanka, New Zealand, Vanuatu, India, Samoa, Bangladesh, Australia and Indonesia. Local government and other NGOs also attended. ERT-SIMEX took place in […]


UAP Training Part 2 : BPTP

Last June, ADRA Indonesia and the people of Bantar Gebang visited BPTP (Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian) / Agriculture Technology’s Institute to do another training for ADRA Indonesia’s Urban Agriculture Project. This was the second UAP training after the previous training with Bekasi Berkebun. The people of Bantar Gebang were so excited to join this training. […]


A New Life Has Begun

It has been 4 months since UAP has been implemented in Bantar Gebang, especially in Sumur Batu and Ciketing Udik villages. ADRA Indonesia through ADRA International gave their hands to the people of Bantar Gebang to establish vegetable gardens there. Through the efforts and understanding, we finally got the people’s support. We have conducted two […]